What Is ScienceFest?
ScienceFest is designed to foster scientific literacy while educating children about protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, and using alternative fuels and technologies. Educators plan a day packed with exciting exhibits, presentations, and hands-on demonstrations all developed to show the importance of scientific applications in the environment.

ScienceFest is designed to promote scientific diversity. The hands-on activity stations use basic geology, biology, physical science, health and environmental sciences to teach the children how science impacts everyday life. Examples of alternative fueled vehicles are also on location for the students to view. The event provides opportunity for the students to be exposed to science in a fun and different setting.

One teacher stated, “ Our students very much enjoyed the day, and experienced and learned much more about our environment than they would have in the classroom.”

All of the booths were very informative and run by friendly and professional people,” reported a ScienceFest attendee.

The bonus for teachers - ScienceFest meets your educational curriculum goals and IT'S FREE.

4th and 5th grade students statewide are invited to participate in this annual event. Visit the Archives button to the left for a sample of the event from previous years.

ScienceFest is a positive contribution to the environmental education of Oklahoma’s students. By exposing them to the arena of science, we not only enhance their awareness of science and possibly stimulate some to pursue careers in science, we also help them be better citizens and stewards of the environment.

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